The Cool Quest

The Cool Quest is a Dutch band with more than 500 (festival)\nshows, lots of airplay and several prizes to their name. The band members met\nmore or less accidentally during a jam session in 2010, which worked out so well that\nthey decided to work together regularly. This eventually led to their first\nalbum 'Funkin' Badass', which was released in 2014. After the release of their\nsingle 'Shine\u2019 in 2014, the band decided to take a different direction with the\nrenewal of their sound . The saxophone was replaced by a guitar, which created\nan even more electronic sound than before. Their current sound can best be\ndescribed somewhere between classic hip hop and modern pop music with a touch\nof light-foot funk, which is reminiscent of the early 90's hip hop energy.\nTheir EP 'Pulsar' (2016) and the singles' Heat Waves' (2016), 'Coastline'\n(2016), 'Runnin' '(2017) and' Storm '(2018) set the tone for their brand new\nalbum "VIVID "that has been available since 23 March 2018 and has\nsince received positive reviews from the international media.