Inspired by the lowest and heaviest in metal music, Hibakusha was formed in 2013 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. They employ pounding beats and screeching lead-parts for tenacious live shows. Hibakusha is all about the groove.

Their debut EP ‘Incarnation’ was released in October 2015. After receiving positive reviews it gained the attention of Buma Rocks. Hibakusha was selected out of 120 acts to play at Fortarock 2016. 2016 and 2017 brought the band to Fortarock, Euroblast, Amsterdam Metalfest, Eurosonic and they were support act for Norma Jean and Twelve Foot Ninja.

Without stopping their live show schedule, Hibakusha went back into the studio in September 2017 to record their first full-length record 'Prophet of Numbers'. It was released March 19 2018 to critical acclaim.

Metal magazine Aardschok writes “With the title track, you can say without a doubt that they are on a level with bands like Textures and Meshuggah and other international top artists… ... Hibakusha, remember that name!”.