COPPERSKY is formed by three brothers that were born during Colombia’s
famed, heated, and rural 80ties. They make 70ties based rock ‘n roll with a sound
that is rooted in bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pearl Jam, and Rival Sons,
yet delivered with their own unique modern twist. The Zwart brothers moved to
The Netherlands, settled in Utrecht, and found their drummer; the fourth member
that completes the brotherhood and taught the Zwart’s to keep a steady pace.
In October 2013 they released their debut album; ‘relief, be around the bend’,
and in March 2016 the well-received sequel; ‘If We’re Losing Everything’. Staying true
to the three-year album cycle, they emerge with a third album that will be released on
the 22nd of February 2019 by Hamburg-based Pop Up Records – backed by Torben Meyer of Hanse Bookings for European bookings and Dox Live for bookings in The Netherlands.

COPPERSKY’s third album is called Orbiter; an ode to their never ceasing,
always evolving, journey as musicians and temporary travelers of this cosmos.
The title also showcases their awe for everything Sci-Fi. Orbiter reveals nine strong
composed rock-songs – another quality of the group – that were produced by Pablo
van de Poel (lead singer and guitarist of DeWolff). The brothers; Marty, Bo, Ray, and
Erik, each have their own strengths. These form the basis for COPPERSKY’s
authentic sound.

Lead singer Erik Zwart, often compared vocally to Eddy Vedder and Bruce
Springsteen, uses his lyrical talents to craft poetical narratives that speak to the
imagination. He is sided by guitarist Marty Zwart that uses Neil Young and Pete
Townshend inspired rock riffs, and bass guitarist Robert-Jan Zwart – seemingly
born of a romance between John Entwistle and John Paul Jones. Backed by the
adventurous thundering drums of Ray Murphy – that delivers each moment
in the spirit of Keith Moon.
These qualities can be heard on their third full length album, Orbiter, and during
the often-improvised sweaty rock shows.